A Parameterized Local Infiltration Model for Complex Rainfall Patterns

A. Flammini, C. Corradini, R. Morbidelli, and C. Saltalippi (Italy)


Hydrology, Infiltration Models, Unsaturated Zone.


A new formulation of the semi-analytical model earlier developed by [1] for local rainfall infiltration is presented. The new model version incorporates parameterizations of a few hydraulic properties through empirical parameters and describes the time evolution of infiltration rate and surface water content through simple explicit relations. In particular the numerical solution of an ordinary differential equation incorporated in the original model has been eliminated. This model version was tested using a variety of rainfall events over a clay loam soil and a sandy loam soil, while a silty loam soil was selected for calibration. Its effectiveness was found to be very high in terms of both infiltration rate and surface water content and the greater simplicity of this model version sacrifices very little accuracy of the original, more complex, model. Because of the little computational effort required this parameterized model is particularly suitable as a component of complex watershed models.

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