A 3-Copula Function Application to Flood Frequency Analysis

F. Serinaldi, S. Grimaldi, F. Napolitano, and L. Ubertini (Italy)


Multivariate Analysis, Copula function, Flood frequency analysis.


The main goal of this paper is to describe an application of Copula function to flood frequency analysis. Usually only the Flood Peak (FP) is statistically analyzed to define the relationship of recorded hydrographs with the return period. In hydrological applications and design, however, can be useful also the knowledge of Flood Volume (FV) and Flood Duration (FD). With this aim a multivariate analysis developed with the Copula function, used to build trivariate density and distribution functions, is shown. Knowing the FP-FV-FD distribution it is possible to define the bivariate FV-FD distribution, conditioned to the peak marginal. The proposed procedure allows to determine FV and FD couples statistically connected to peak values. A case study on Tiber river runoff daily observations is described.

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