Optimisation of BFWA Networks using Emergent Intelligence

A.A. Wade, S. Hurley, S.M. Allen, R.K. Taplin, and K.H. Craig (UK)


BFWA, Wireless Network Optimisation, AutomaticPlanning Tool, MetaHeuristic Optimisation, EmergentIntelligence Systems.


This paper presents a detailed account of a novel scheme for finding profit optimal BFWA networks, extending an existing network optimisation tool, and using the principles of emergent, self-organising systems. We describe how populations of agents representing potential users and base sites will disseminate and react to `local' information to optimise global objectives. The use of two distinct types of agent entity allows the multi-objective profit/coverage nature of the optimisation to be satisfied. Preliminary results are presented to indicate the potential of the scheme.

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