Optimisation of BFWA Networks using Emergent Intelligence

A.A. Wade, S. Hurley, S.M. Allen, R.K. Taplin, and K.H. Craig (UK)


BFWA, Wireless Network Optimisation, AutomaticPlanning Tool, Meta-Heuristic Optimisation, EmergentIntelligence Systems.


This paper presents a detailed account of a novel scheme for finding profit optimal BFWA networks, extending an existing network optimisation tool, and using the principles of emergent, self-organising systems. We describe how populations of agents representing potential users and base sites will disseminate and react to `local' information to optimise global objectives. The use of two distinct types of agent entity allows the multi-objective profit/coverage nature of the optimisation to be satisfied. Preliminary results are presented to indicate the potential of the scheme.

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