A Case Analysis of a New Strategic Alliances Attempt from the IT Sector of an Up and Coming Market; Turkey

M. Ferman and B. Uyan (Turkey)


case study, strategic alliance, e-learning, IT sector, Turkey, networking.


: In the new millennium, firms must do more than they first thought possible. This means that they have to be aware of all their potential capabilities and abilities, and use them not only for the benefit of their own companies but also for others. These collaborations within the company and without provide possible connections to create the strongest based for the firms and assist them in creating building, and sustaining their competitive advantage. The strategic alliance is an inevitable factor for today's firms. But half of all strategic alliances have failed. What is the correct path for a successful strategic alliance? This article focuses on what makes a successful strategic alliance by undertaking a case study. In its conceptual framework, the formation and evaluation process is examined. Companies which have formed a successful strategic alliance in the e-learning sector have been analyzed. The evidence is it seems to be a very suitable sector in which to form them. Conclusions are drawn and recommendations for further research studies also explored at the end.

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