An Incremental Restoration Approach in Routed Wavelength Networks: A Detailed Study

A. Maach, A. Hafid, and G.V. Bochmann (Canada)


optical network, restoration, reconfiguration


Optical networks deploying wavelength division multiplexing and wavelength routing is a promising solution to face the increasing demand of bandwidth. However, in this context the failure of a physical link may cause the simultaneous failure of several light-paths making it very difficult or even infeasible to restore the failed paths. A simple solution consists of reconfiguring the whole network and constructs a new virtual topology, over the physical one, to accommodate the failed and ongoing traffic; however, the reconfiguration of the whole network may disrupt the ongoing traffic (i.e., rerouting of non-affected paths). We propose an approach, called incremental restoration, to restore only the failed traffic without affecting/rerouting the ongoing traffic. In this paper we present a detailed study of the impact, on the overall network performance, of the incremental approach when exclusively used for restoration.

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