Survivability of Multi-Fiber WDM Networks WITH and WITHOUT Wavelength Conversion

M. Keshtgary (Iran), F.A. Al-Zahrani (USA), A.H. Jahangir (Iran), and A.P. Jayasumana (USA


WDM, Survivability, Wavelength conversion, Availability.


Network Survivability gauges the ability of a network to support the committed Quality of Services (QoS) contin uously in the presence of various failure scenarios. The analysis of a network from the pure performance viewpoint tends to be optimistic since it ignores the failure-repair behavior in the system. On the other hand, pure avail ability analysis tends to be too conservative since perfor mance considerations are not taken into account. Both per formance and availability are integral components of sur vivability. Therefore, we propose a composite model for survivability of multi-fiber WDM networks that consists of performance and availability analysis. A new model is presented to evaluate the end-to-end performance of multi fiber WDM Networks considering parameters such as the number of fibers, number of wavelengths, conversion op tions, and the different switch configurations. Steady-state availability of the network is also modeled. These two models are combined to construct a hierarchical network survivability model to evaluate survivability performance of multi-fiber WDM networks.

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