Evaluating the Performance of Multiple Access Protocol for Slotted ALOHA

D. Kumar and N. Kumar (India)


EPA, Markov process, network performance stability, transition probability, state diagram.


--Whenever a resource is shared by many independent contending users, The need for multiaccess protocols arises. Some of the important factors e.g. the need to achieve the efficient utilization of shared resource & the need to provide high degree of connectivity for communication are necessary to keep in mind .The present paper examines the dynamic behavior of slotted ALOHA, particularly focused on :How does system instability arises ?An Appropriate mathematical description of system model & Parameters that influence the dynamics of the system. So we have used Poisson processes, Markov & Equilibrium point analysis (EPA) tools to analyse the system understudy & obtained the analytical & graphical results on throughput & delay.

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