Distributed Variable-length Packet Scheduling in a PPS Switch

X. Liu, J. Wu, Y. Guo, and J. Lan (PRC)


high performance router, packet scheduling, cell scheduling, QOS, multi-stage buffering


The Internet is facing two main problems simultaneously: faster switching/routing infrastructure and Qualities of Service (QOS) guarantee. Using conventional lower speed devices, it is theoretically possible for a Parallel Packet Switch (PPS) to emulate a first-come first-served (FCFS) output-queued (OQ) packet switch. But, PPS solutions are impractical because of high communication complexity. In this paper, a novel architecture of a PPS switch, which emulates Push-in-Arbitrary-out (PIAO) OQ high-speed switch, is present. And, a Distributed Variable-Length Packet Scheduling algorithm (DVLPS) providing QOS guarantee reducing the complexity is also present.

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