Improving the Robustness of Watermarking Approach for Copyright Protection

T. Le-Tien, S.Y. Lee, T. Nguyen-Thanh, and T.D. Vo (Vietnam)


- Watermarking, Discrete CosineTransform, Copyright Protection, Discrete WaveletTransform, JPEG2000, DSP TMS320C6711.


The paper proposes the method of watermarking approach in the DWT (Discrete Wavelet Transform) domain applied to still images, It finds out the optimal parameters for embedding and detecting watermarks, and estimates the robustness in comparison with algorithms using the traditional DCT (Discrete Fourier Transform). Unlike some previous algorithms, the optimal watermark is added to maximum coefficients of the approximation band in the Wavelet domain to enhance the robustness. We also use two keys: one for watermark and another for generating embedded multi-bits to reinforce the security. Besides, lots of various attacks such as compression (JPEG and JPEG2000), filters (average, median, adaptive, sharpening, Gauss, etc) and noise are investigated according to different types of images. Moreover, some different requirements such as the perceptual transparency, the complexity as well as the executed time are also evaluated in the paper. Based on these results, the paper are also presented a solution for verifying on the digital signal processing kit DSP TMS320C6711 of Texas instrument.

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