A Method for Securing Fingerprints in Networks

T. Kobayashi (Japan)


fingerprint, forgery, code number, personal identification, security, network access


Code numbers are widely used in computer networks, however, the risk is large. When biometric information such as a fingerprint is used, there is the risk that the fingerprint is forged. A new method for personal identification to input a code number using a sequence of multiple fingerprints is proposed. The user selects multiple fingers and registers the fingerprints in the system. The user inputs a code number by using only the sequence of fingerprints. The secret information of the user is the fingerprints and the correspondence between each digit and each sequence of fingerprints, in addition to the code number. By using the proposed method, the security for computer access in computer networks is improved. The proposed method is independent from the fingerprint recognition algorithms and the fingerprint sensor. As for the error rates, the extended FAR (False Acceptance Rate) and the extended FRR (False Reject Rate) are defined and investigated. The counter measures against the attacks for the proposed method are described.

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