Segmentation of Cellular Networks based on Graph Theory for Enhanced Performance

E. Tragos, S. Kyriazakos, G. Karetsos, and K. Vlahodimitropoulos (Greece)


Cellular networks, segmentation, optimization, graph theory


Segmentation of cellular networks is an important task for the operators and can be considered as one of the most critical initial steps in the planning procedure. The partition itself is performed at different levels that correspond to the hierarchy and topology of the network. The major goal of this procedure is the efficient system's roll-out and the centralized management of the distributed segmented parts while minimizing the signaling overhead in the network. Therefore, the problem is twofold, since the trade-off between efficient management and network overhead should be achieved. In this paper we present an approach based on graph theory for the network segmentation at the Base Station Controller (BSC) level that enables, on the one hand, a significant increase of the network's performance, while, on the other hand, it allows a continuous network upgrade.

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