Sensitivity of Multiuser UWB Impulse Radio Systems to the Synchronization Errors

L. Mucchi, D. Marabissi, M. Ranaldi, E. Del Re, and R. Fantacci (Italy)


UWB, impulse radio, synchronization, multiple access techniques, pulse design.


This paper deals with the comparison of different multi ple access techniques and different impulses in a multi ple access communication systems based on Ultra Wide Band (UWB) impulse radio technology under non-ideal conditions. Several multiple access techniques and im pulses have been designed and compared in the past, but mainly with the assumption of perfect synchronization of the users and perfect recovering of frame synchronization at the receiver. In this paper this unpractical assumptions are dropped. The results have been obtained by computer simulations. The sensitivity to synchronization errors of the Time Hopping PPM and the Direct Sequence multiple access techniques has been carried out with two different pulse shapes: the Gaussian monocycle and the Doublet. The impact of multiple access interference is also reported in the paper in order to have an exhaustive comparison of the UWB systems.

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