Comparing and Selecting Generalized Double Ring Network Structures

J.M. Pedersen, T.P. Knudsen, and O.B. Madsen (Denmark)


Computer Networks, Broadband Communications, Network Structures, Quality of Service Issues.


N2R(p; q) network structures were introduced recently as a generalization of double rings, and they were shown to be superior compared to double rings in terms of average dis tance and diameter. For a given number of nodes, there is only one double ring, but often more different N2R(p; q) structures. These different structures have different proper ties, and choosing a best structure depends on what proper ties are considered important. For both research and plan ning purposes it is beneficial to have a simple scheme for optimally choosing q given p. We show that for structures of up to 4000 nodes it is in 1919 of 1998 cases possible to choose a structure minimizing both average distance and diameter. For structures of up to 164 nodes, minimizing average distance and diameter result in structures where 2-average distance, 3-average distance, 2-diameter and 3 diameter are minimized or nearly minimized.

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