A Way to Obtain Load Services in Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks

M.-C. Huang (Taiwan), S.H. Hosseini, and K. Vairavan (USA)


Load Service, Wireless Network, AdHocNetwork, Directory Agent, LoadServer Agent,LoadClient Agent


In this paper, we design a method for load services in wireless ad hoc networks. Because hosts in an ad-hoc network moves dynamically, it is important how wireless hosts find other hosts for load service purposes. We use databases for directory agents in our protocol to save information provided by load-server agents and build protocols how a host can find available hosts for load service or load transfer purposes when it moves to a new region. They include how a directory agent builds its database, how a load-server agent provides its services, and how a load-client agent gets the services it needs. We also combine load balancing fuzzy logic control method to transfer loads instead of fixed threshold level methods.

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