TTL based Packet Forwarding for Media Traffic

M.K. Panda and S.H. Srinivasan (India)


:multimedia, time to live (TTL), VoIP, network utilization, media quality


- The TTL (time to live) field in the IP header is currently measured in number of hops. For real-time media communications it is better to measure TTL in units of actual time. A packet-handling algorithm based on this idea called "TTL routing" has recently been proposed. In this paper, we describe an enhanced version of the TTL routing algorithm and call it "TTL forwarding". Also, we quantify its performance using ns-2 simulation. We observe that TTL routing increases network utilization as far as transport of media packets is concerned. Also, it can potentially enhance the quality of decoded media. These improvements were found to be significant, especially for high bit-rate applications.

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