Dynamic Replication of Scalable Streaming Media over Content Delivery Networks

Z. Su, J. Katto, and Y. Yasuda (Japan)


content delivery networks, replication algorithm, scalable video streaming, web cache performance, network traffic


This paper presents an efficient replication method for layered video streams in CDNs (Content Delivery Networks), which reduces user response delays and storage costs simultaneously. Based on an analytical formulation of the cooperative replication of layers and segments of each video stream, we derive a dynamic replication algorithm which solves next three problems quantitatively. (1) How to update the contents in CDN nodes periodically? (2) For parameters needed to be calculated, how to obtain them based on information readily available in CDN. (3) How to reduce the computation complexity caused by our algorithm? Simulation results verify that the proposed algorithm can be efficiently and dynamically carried out according to the network situation, and it provides much better performance than conventional methods.

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