Public Peer-to-Peer Filesharing Networks' Evaluation

J. Lloret Mauri, B. Molina Morena, C. Palau Salvador, and M. Esteve Domingo (Spain)


Peer-To-Peer, Evaluation, Filesharing Networks.


Since the recent appearance of P2P file-sharing networks, many Internet users have chosen this technology to search for programs, films, songs, etc. Their number of users is growing every day due to the attractive and interesting content type that can be found and downloaded over these networks. In this article six public architectures are analyzed, Gnutella, FastTrack, Opennap, Edonkey, MP2P and Soulseek, tracking their evolution during a week in terms of connected users, number of files and size of shared files per hour. The results will be compared and discussed with previous measurements taken a year ago. These data can be used to design new network models, to calculate their performance or to optimize new network parameters.

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