A Management System for Complex Parameter Studies and Experiments in Grid Computing

N. Currle-Linde, F. Boes, P. Lindner, J. Pleiss, and M.M. Resch (Germany)


-- Distributed Computing, Parameter Studies,Grid Computing.


Although some known parameter study tools [1] have successfully been used to solve standard parameter study problems, they are not yet sufficient to handle the current generation of complex parameter investigations. Furthermore, time constraints typically require that multiparametric tasks are executed on a large number of parallel computational resources. Grid Computing potentially helps by enabling access to vast computational resources. But in practice the application of multiple Grid resources to complex tasks leads to considerable programming effort for the scientist. One way to reduce both the work and the cost associated with performing parametric investigations of complex scientific experiments could be to automate the creation of complex modules for the computation and the dynamic control of the study, for example through the use of the results from previous computational stages. In this paper we propose a concept for the design and implementation of an automated parametric modeling system for producing complex dynamically-controlled parameter studies without the use of any specific programming language in the process of parameterization, computation and the control of the experiment.

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