Providing Service Level Agreements for Idle CPU Cycles from an Internet PC Grid

M. Stephens and S. Nair (USA)


Cycle-stealing, fault-tolerant systems, PC Grids, QoS,web-based computing, and grid computing


Using distributed computing to harness idle CPU cycles from PCs across the Internet is an economically attractive solution for solving many problems. Research estimates that the average wasted idle time for Internet connected PCs is over 90%. If a fraction of these wasted cycles could be harnessed and presented in a reliable and consistent manner, they could be traded as a commodity. Consumers in this market would expect Service Level Agreements (SLA) with guarantees on Quality of Service. Providers in this market would need to bring consistency and stability to this highly volatile environment. In this paper we explore this topic by presenting SLA contracts for purchasing idle CPU units from a PC Grid, describing the required QoS parameters, and demonstrating how the use of fault-tolerant probabilistic task scheduling with statistical inference could be used to bring stability and consistency to an Internet PC Grid.

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