Design and Implementation of SSDLM: A Distributed Lock Manager with Shared Lock Locality

H. Kishida and H. Yamazaki (Japan)


Cluster system, transaction, distributed lock manager, lock locality, experimental evaluation


A cluster system can potentially provide features of high availability, extended scalability and fault tolerance. However, there are few cluster systems that have transactional capability with distributed lock managers to provide a single system image for transactional applications. We propose a distributed lock manager architecture called SSDLM for a cluster system, which is based on self-management of shared locks in a node to decrease lock management overhead in a cluster system. This paper describes the algorithm and the design of the lock management in SSDLM using data structures and processes. Finally, we test it through our experiments in terms of transaction response time and lock response time. The experimental results show that the overall performance improves with a small increase of nodes but becomes saturated soon, and that the locality of shared locks in SSDLM is effective for all experiments, and especially outstanding in the lock response time for read intensive transactions.

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