Communication Optimization on Broadcast-based Clusters

M. Zhu, C. Katsinis, H. Narravula (USA), W. Cai, and B.-S. Lee (Singapore)


Clusters, Priority Queue, SOME-Bus, Critical Path.


One implementation of broadcast-based networks is Simul taneous Optical Multiprocessor Exchange Bus (SOME Bus). It is a low-latency, high-bandwidth, fiber-optic net work that directly connects each processing node to all other nodes without contention. To better utilize the com munication network and reduce the completion time of a parallel application, this paper describes the Key Message (KM) approach on SOME-Bus clusters. After presenting KM algorithm with SOME-Bus structure, an example is analyzed to evaluate its performance. The analysis result shows improved performance of communication of a par allel application over a system that does not use the KM approach.

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