Multicapabilities for Distributed Resource Management in Open Systems

N.I. Udzir and A.M. Wood (UK)


Open distributed systems, tuple-space coordination mod els, resource management, capabilities.


Resource management is an important aspect in open dis tributed systems, as these systems are persistent and ubiq uitous. In order to be scalable, it is imperative that the resource management itself should be distributed as well as the resources. This paper focuses on the LINDA co ordination model of open distributed systems. One lim ited resource is memory, and garbage collection has al ready been proposed for the standard LINDA with multi ple tuple-spaces (TSs) to avoid memory exhaustion. The implementation, however, was restricted to garbage col lection of TSs. Taking into account the need for garbage collection not only for TSs, but also for tuples, this paper demonstrates how this can be extended to tuples, with the introduction of multicapabilities, which generalise capabil ities to collections of objects. We also illustrate the use of multicapabilities in two other applications related to re source management: managing deadlocks and information caching.

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