Simulation Study on the Impacts of Interconnection Network in On-Line Transaction Processing Systems

H. Cai, H. Kameda, and J. Li (Japan)


On-line transaction processing, interconnection network, FDDI, TPC-C workload, simulation


This paper presents an extended simulation study on the impacts on the response time of Interconnection Network (ICN) in complex On-Line Transaction Processing (OLTP) systems. The workload is TPC-C, a more realistic commercial benchmark. In addition to the simulation results with the ICN that employs CSMA/CD protocol, we find similar anomalous cases where with the ICN of FDDI network, increasing the number of database servers degrades the performance of the whole system. We discuss the differences between using an FDDI network and using a FastEthernet hub, in which CSMA/CD protocol is employed. The simulation results give support to the explanations that we have made before.

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