A Checkpointing Protocol for a Minimum Set of Processes in Mobile Computing Systems

S. Neogy (India)


mobile computing, checkpointing, recovery, initiator, consistency, unacknowledged message logging


The present work describes a checkpointing protocol with a Mobile Support Station (MSS) acting as checkpoint initiator. The task of the initiator MSS is to issue checkpointing requests to all other MSSs. Each MSS then forwards this request to all the Mobile Hosts (MHs) it is connected with. An MH may be inactive for a long time and hence its state has not changed (since it may have performed only local computation and not sent or received any computation message since its last checkpointing activity). Such an MH decides not to take a checkpoint thereby saving its power whereas other MHs and MSSs take checkpoint. An MSS however, has to save, besides its own state, all unacknowledged messages of each MHs that is currently registered with it.

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