A Localization Algorithm Extension for the Evolvable Sensor Network

D.B. Bui and D. Kim (Korea)


Sensor Network, Localization, Location Finding.


A localization algorithm is an important component in a wireless sensor network. The requirements for such an algorithm include high estimated node position accuracy and low communication overhead. In an evolvable sensor network, where some running sensor nodes exhaust after a working period and some new nodes are added to maintain the proper operation of the network, a localization algorithm used to find position of new added nodes should also satisfy the requirements about accuracy and overhead. Moreover, the algorithm should be able to exploit information of nodes which are in the old network. This paper proposes an extension of a localization algorithm so that it can work in an evolvable sensor network. The simulation results show that the extension obviously meets the requirements. Especially, under certain conditions, the estimated positions of the new added nodes are more accurate than that of the old nodes since the extension can exploit the information of the old network.

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