Performance Evaluation of the Barycentric Server Model for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks

M. Avvenuti and A. Vecchio (Italy)


Mobile computing, code mobility, performance evaluation.


By adopting code mobility techniques, distributed appli cations can make better use of network resources. This makes logical mobility particularly attractive in a mobile computing scenario, where the level of network resources changes continuously. However, it is sometimes difficult to express quantitatively the benefits, and also the overhead, introduced by logical mobility. In this paper, we present the performance evaluation of a migration model where the central component of the application, the server, moves to wards the physical barycenter of a network made of mobile hosts. We evaluated both application-level metrics, such as the percentage of delivered messages and communica tion latency, and network-level metrics, such as the num ber of routed messages. In many cases, logical mobility contributed to a significant improvement of the considered performance indexes.

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