Maximizing Lifetime of –Powerlimited Network with Active Minimum Spanning Tree Aggregation

J.I. Khan and A.U. Haque (USA)


Power aware, ad hoc wireless, sensor computing 1.


Recently proposed "harness" is a system level group communicationware that enables a large number of nodes to exchange programmable network information using various communication patterns. It offers both scalability and versatility in message communication between a large set of nodes connected via any network. In this paper we show how the scalable message aggregation offered by the harness can be used to set up a group communication pathway for power limited ad hoc wireless network. While, the harness can compute various patterns of communication in a distributed fashion and guide data as per the pattern, we show that minimum spanning tree with active message aggregation is one of the most power efficient modes. In this paper we show how dramatically it can improve the network life time.

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