Study on the Efficient and Adaptive Load Balancing Algorithm using Mobile Agent

Y. Yang and J. Ju (PRC)


Load Balancing, Mobile Agent, Load Information, EALBMA, ULIMA, and PRODI.


In this paper, we introduce a framework for load balancing using mobile agent named EALBMA(Efficient and Adaptive Load Balancing based on Mobile Agent) firstly. The framework can resolve some problems in traditional load balancing, including structure of system, updating load information, and adjusting strategies of load balancing. Secondly, the paper analyses some traditional algorithms for updating load information and their disadvantages. Then, aiming at these disadvantages, we propose a novel algorithm for updating load information partially based on mobile agent called ULIMA. Finally, from our simulation experiment results, we draw conclusions that it is reasonable and feasible to introduce mobile agent to load balancing, and the performance of ULIMA is improved.

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