A Hybrid, CAN based Distributed Execution Environment for Electronic Systems

R. Dreier, G. Wendt, and K.D. Müller-Glaser (Germany)


Distributed Simulation, FPGA, CAN, Performance Meas urements.


A methodology is presented that allows for a distributed execution of systems on several micro controllers and a FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array). By using a FPGA the system performance can be increased signifi cantly by means of parallel processing. Thereby, hybrid electronic systems are focused on, which contain both state-based and continuous model parts. In order to fulfill real time requirements a real time operating system is used. For the measurement of the system performance a method is presented to analyze the time behavior that enables a graphical representation of the execution time interval and of the execution points in time of the tasks and the recognition of idle running times, and thus sup ports an optimization of the task scheduling. The data exchange is realized with CAN (Controller Area Net work).

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