An Adaptive Allowance for Failure Prevention of Fixed Priority Scheduled Real-Time Systems

L. Bougueroua, S. Midonnet, and L. George (France)


: fault management, allowance, real-times cheduling, feasibility analysis, fault tolerance, FP/HPF.


he paper presents a new solution called adaptive allowance for execution overrun management in real-times ystems. Based on fault prevention, the adaptivea llowance determines its allowance for any task defined as the maximum duration it can proceed with its execution without compromising the real-time constraints associated with all the tasks in the system. The task allowance depends on free resources and on the number of execution overruns observed over a "sliding window". We consider sporadic tasks with late deadline constraints in this paper.T he static allowance can be used in case of several faultyt asks. The adaptive allowance provides the possibility of allotting the static allowance value according to the number of faulty tasks.

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