Sheaf Tools for Network Security

E. ┼×endroiu (France)


category theory, presheaves, sieves, sheaves, authentica tion, encryption


This paper provides sheaf tools for the security of paral lel and distributed computing systems. So, we exploit the architecture of distributed computing systems. In partic ular, we are using a general notion of sheaf as a functor on a category with a Grothendieck topology, i.e. a site. Sheaf properties give data reconstitution. This can be used in distributed encryption and authentication. In addition, our contributions in sheaf theory provide computation tools to accomplish these goals. So we have made the proce dures for construction and validation of sheaves. It follows that all computation tools, used in this paper, are building from the base category that is provided by the architecture of distributed computing systems. Thereafter, we describe an encryption algorithm and an authentication method by sheaves. Finally, we present some communication proto cols by sheaves with Key Distribution Center (KDC).

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