Performance of Portable Shared Memory based Parallel String Matching Software

J.H. Park (USA)


parallel string matching, multithreading, broadcasting, synchronization, k-mismatches, SMP


In this paper, efficient and portable shared memory based parallel computation models for the string matching pro blem are presented and analyzed for their performances. For exploiting the parallelism in the computation models, parallel broadcasting method that is a dataflow scheme is applied. Thus the models are time and space efficient since they are based on the dataflow mechanism. Several computation models are designed and tested for checking the aspects that affect the parallel programming perfor mance such as granularity, communication, and I/O. For the implementation, Java Threads that is a built-in support for the portable parallel programming in the shared memory environment is used. Experimental results demonstrate that the computation models are practical, portable, and scalable parallel solutions to the problem, and the comparative testing reveals facts between the theory and the practice.

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