Parallel Implementation of a Generic Memetic Algorithm for the Edge Bi-Connectivity Augmentation Problem

F. Xhafa (Spain)


Parallel implementation, Memetic algorithm, Generic pro gramming, Edge bi-connectivity augmentation problem.


In this paper we present an implementation of a generic memetic algorithm (MA) for the edge bi-connectivity aug mentation problem (E2AUG). This problem is known for its applications to communication network design and in VLSI floor planning. Our starting point is a standard tem plate for MA. We use a generic programming approach to obtain a C++ implementation of the MA template and instantiate it for the E2AUG problem. The implementa tion separates issues related to the memetic algorithm from those related to the E2AUG problem making thus possible the reuse of the implementation for other problems. More over, the generic approach enabled us to easily implement the algorithm in parallel setting. We use known bench marks in the literature for the problem to experimentally evaluate the implementation.

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