Implementation of a Mobile Agent Framework on Java Environment

T. Kawamura, S. Kinoshita, and K. Sugahara (Japan)


Distributed Software Systems and Applications, Mobile Agent, Logic Programming, Java


We have proposed Maglog which is a framework for mo bile multi-agent systems. Maglog is based on Prolog, and has the concept of field. A field is an object which can contain a knowledge base. With the concept of field, Ma glog provides a simple and unified interface for 1)inter agent communication, 2)agent migration between comput ers, and 3)utilization of data and programs on comput ers. In this paper, we present the implementation of Ma glog on Java environment, in detail. Since we have im plemented both command-line shell and GUI for Maglog, users can choose them for their needs. In addition, through XML-RPC interface for Maglog which we have also im plemented, other systems can easily utilize Maglog.

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