User-defined Parallel Program Visualization with VisWiz

R. Brandstädter, D. Kranzlmüller, and J. Volkert (Austria)


Program visualization, monitoring, performance analysis, debugging


Program analysis is an important activity to evaluate and subsequently improve the quality of software. Many different visualization tools offer more or less sophisticated functionality for this task. However, the visual capabilities of the tool are usually pre-defined by the tool developers' intentions or are only marginally adaptable to the user's needs. On contrary, the VisWiz tool offers a means of providing user-defined visualization for analysis of parallel and distributed programs. By configuring the mapping of observed events and their relations using a XML configuration file, users are able to develop specialized graphical displays, which better suit their expectations and improve program comprehension. Examples of VisWiz are given for debugging, performance tuning, and runtime monitoring of parallel and distributed programs.

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