The Blackboard Resource Discovery Mechanism for P2P Networks

N.A. Al-Dmour and W.J. Teahan (UK)


BRDM, Peer-to-Peer networks, unstructured networks, search algorithms, and fault tolerance.


Research on Peer-to-Peer computing has attracted consid erable attention in the last few years because of its abil ity to aggregate unused resources of computers that spend most of the time idle or with very modest workloads. This paper presents the Blackboard Resource Discovery Mecha nism (BRDM) for peer-to-peer networks, a novel search al gorithm for unstructured peer-to-peer networks. The simu lation results show that BRDM outperforms other existing search algorithms in the following ways: it supports the discovery of objects distributed on a network as a whole rather than on a given part of it; it achieves more success ful matches than other searching algorithms; it achieves re duced bandwidth consumption; and it is more adaptable in dynamic P2P networks.

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