An Integrated Approach to Customize Binary Components

S.I. Ahamed, S. Kim, C. Twining, and M. Crichton (USA)


Software components, Adaptation of components, customization of components, Binary components


Customization of components is required for Component Based Software Development (CBSD). It allows the reuse of a component in a broader range of circumstances than is possible with a standard black box component reuse. Reuse, in turn, accelerates development and improves the reliability of the product. In the literature, there are quite a few tools allow adaptation of Java's binary class files. Unfortunately, in the absence of source code, it is difficult to see what changes are required. In this paper, an integrated approach to customize binary components has been proposed using the state of art technology and tools. We reduce this problem by de compiling the class file into equivalent source code, and by reverse engineering it into UML diagrams. The resulting java code and UML diagrams document the original black box component, and help us design the necessary changes. Furthermore, we customize the component without the re-compilation process. A customization tool with the proposed approach has been presented in this paper with an illustrative example.

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