Parallel Reconstruction for Parallel Imaging SPACE RIP on Cellular Computer Architecture

Y. Niu, Z. Hu, and G.R. Gao (USA)


SPACE RIP, SVD, Cellular, Cyclops64, Parallelization


The SPACE RIP technique is one of the parallel imaging methods that has the potential to revolutionize the field of fast MR imaging. The image reconstruction problem of SPACE RIP is a computation intensive task which needs to be parallelized to further reduce the reconstruction time. In this paper, we analyzed the algorithm and identified the program bottleneck to be parallelized. The loop level parallelization is implemented with Pthread, OpenMP and MPI. Furthermore, since the reconstruction uses Singular Value decomposition (SVD) to solve the matrix pseudoin verse problem, we implemented the one sided Jacobi par allel SVD on the state-of-art cellular computer architecture Cyclops64 to speedup the problem at the fine grain level.

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