Data Format Support for Parallel Numerical Integration

W. El-Hajj, S. Li, K. Kaugers, and E. de Doncker (USA)


distributed computation, EXtensible Markup Language, parallel integration


This paper presents a data format for the parallel numeri cal integration package PARINT using XML. As with many other numeric computation programs, PARINT accepts a long list of arguments for describing the user's problem, the algorithm to be used and for specifying parallel run characteristics. Supporting XML input allows platform independent creation and manipulation of input specifica tions and simplifies the addition of new integration algo rithms. We discuss the purpose of each section in the pro posed XML data format, and describe how new sections can be added to the XML data structure in order to support new computing paradigms. We also explain how data are pro cessed efficiently and give some application examples. The format can serve more generally for various software pack ages.

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