A New Transparent Java Thread Migration System using Just-in-Time Recompilation

W. Zhu, C.-L. Wang, W. Fang, and F.C.M. Lau (PRC)


Just-in-Time compiler, Java, Thread migration, JVM


Thread migration is to support the movement of threads across machine boundaries in a distributed comput ing environment. It can improve load balancing and the ex ecution efficiency of multithreaded programs. In this paper, we introduce a new approach that employs the technique of Just-in-Time (JIT) recompilation to support transparent thread migration. With JIT recompilation, the native thread execution mode is preserved, and much of the space and time overheads of previous solutions based on code instru mentation can be eliminated. The new thread migration system is integrated into the JESSICA2 distributed JVM. The measured results show that our approach is beneficial to the overall system in supporting the transparent execu tion of Java applications on clusters.

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