Study of Hybrid Coherence Protocols for Parallel Logic Programming Systems

E.P.G. de Oliveira, F. Ramos, I. de Castro Dutra, and M.C. Stelling de Castro (Brazil)


Hardware DSM, hybrid protocols, memory coherence pro tocols, parallel logic programming systems


This work investigates the impact of hybrid coherence protocols on non-scientific applications. We use execution driven simulation of a scalable multiprocessor and compare the results obtained with a hybrid protocol with a well known invalidate protocol and an update-based protocol. Our results show that for our sample programs a hybrid pro tocol with high threshold outperforms both the invalidate based and update-based protocols, regardless of the type of parallelism exhibited by the benchmarks. We conclude that our applications can benefit from a hybrid protocol, and that multiprocessors designed for running these systems ef ficiently should adopt some form of hybrid protocol.

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