A Distributed Software Architecture for a Rapid Geospatial Dataset Generation System

A.H. Lee and A. Sekar (USA)


Distributed computing, geospatial data, and data repository.


A wide variety of systems from many different fields use geospatial data to represent physical environments. These systems, and the data on which they operate, are not only becoming more complex, but they are increasingly being connected together. Although each system may be interested in very different aspects of the environment, the geospatial data they use must be consistent and correlated with each other. As these "systems of systems" grow and as the amount of geospatial data gathered each day increases, the collection and preparation of these data has become the most time consuming and costly processes in the use of many of these systems. The solution to this problem lies in the creation of a geospatial dataset generation system that can efficiently collect, manipulate, and correlate geospatial data to the requirements of the end user. In this paper, we use the unique requirements of building geospatial datasets to derive a distributed software architecture for such a system.

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