Scalable Multimedia Streaming Model and Transmission Scheme for VBR-e ncoded Videos

M.H. Kabir, E.G. Manning, and G.C. Shoja (Canada)


Distributed software systems and applications, Multimedia systems, scalable streaming, proxy servers, VBR-encoded videos, prefix and smoothing buffers


Streaming of audio/video contents over the Internet requires large network bandwidth as well as timely delivery and playback of the media data. Media files are huge, requiring use of compression techniques that produce traffic bursts. An entire audio/video media file cannot be cached due to intellectual property rights concerns of the content owner, security reasons, and also due to its large size. Large network latency and jitter result in a long start-up delay and frequent unwanted pauses in the playback, respectively. For these reasons multimedia streaming service is hard to scale. In this paper, we have proposed a proxy based streaming model and transmission scheme that deals with the above issues efficiently to stream stored and non-interactive media data. Our model scales up cost effectively with increasing number of streams and clients. We have used prefix buffers at the proxy in order to assist in smoothing operation. In addition, smoothing buffers are also used in order to eliminate unwanted pauses in playback, to enable many clients to share the same server stream, and to reduce the peak bandwidth requirement on the server proxy-client path. Simulation results are presented to demonstrate the cost effectiveness of the proposed streaming scheme.

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