Performance Measurements of a Policy Control Agent for a Differentiated Services Router

P. Pulkkinen and M. Luoma (Finland)


Differentiated Services, adaptive network, network man agement


In the Internet, the Differentiated Services architecture is gaining more and more popularity, but the requirements of today's networking are higher than its basic capabili ties. The lack of support for user mobility and the inability to adapt to the changing network conditions are becoming major problems of the architecture. We have brought both of the features into our network prototype by implement ing a Policy Control Agent which dynamically modifies the configuration of a Differentiated Services router. The reconfiguration time of a router is a highly critical issue, because the network is in an unstable state during the mod ifications. Therefore, we carried out several measurements for the Policy Control Agent to see its capabilities and the level of its performance. The test cases covered all fea tures of the Agent and studied them from different view points. The results show that the modifications done with the Agent take only a fraction of the time used for the same modifications if they are done manually. Our conclusion is that although the implementation of the Agent is only the first working prototype it is suited for the network-wide testing.

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