Experimental Validation of Different MIMO-Feedback Controller Design Methods on an Automotive Vibration Test Rig

D. Vaes, J. Swevers, and P. Sas (Belgium)


MIMOcontrol, robust control, tracking applications


The multivariable tracking accuracy on an automotive vi bration test rig can be improved by extending the current industrial off-line iterative feedforward procedure with a real time feedback controller. This paper tests and vali dates three different MIMO-control schemes on an indus trial test rig. First decentralized (or diagonal) control is used, which is a combination of independently designed SISO-controllers based on the diagonal elements of the sys tem. Secondly full MIMO H-control, based on a MIMO model is tested. Finally inverse-based control is applied to the test rig, this is a combination of a pre-compensator deal ing with the interaction in the system and a decentralized controller, designed for the compensated system. The performance of these controllers is compared, and the best controller is combined with the off-line feed forward control, showing a significant reduction of the tracking error.

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