Control Design for a Piezo-Electric Dual-Stage Instrumented Suspension

N.K. Vestmoen Nilsen (Norway) and R.A. de Callafon (USA)


Hard disk drives, Windage, Optimal control, Weighted con troller reduction


The servo control design for a piezo-electric dual-stage in strumented suspension to achieve windage vibration reduc tion for high track density recording is presented in this paper. The servo design exploits the information avail able from both the sampled position error signal (PES) and a continuous time instrumented suspension signal (ISS) available from an instrumented suspension. The ISS from the instrumented suspension is obtained by using a piezo electric strip mounted on a dual-stage suspension to mea sure vibration disturbances of the suspension. Identified models were used to design an optimal fourth order contin uous time servo controller to reduce track misregistration due to windage and suspension vibrations. The controller was implemented on a piezo-electric dual-stage suspension for validation purposes.

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