PID Stabilization of a Single-Link Biomechanical Model with Control Effort Constraints

A. Roy and K. Iqbal (USA)


PID Control, Biomechanical Model, Optimization, Stability, Time-Delay System.


In this paper we present results for PID stabilization of a single-link biomechanical model with constraints on the initial control effort. A model of human neuromusculoskeletal system using single-link inverted pendulum and PID controller was earlier developed. The model included position, velocity, and force feedback from muscle spindle and Golgi tendon organ, and neural transmission latencies in reflex feedback loops. In this paper we extend the earlier results on characterization of PID controller gains to include additional criteria involving control effort. Constraining the initial control effort is proposed as an optimality measure for the stabilizing PID set. In most cases, such a design objective would help avoid controller saturation. We also present a convenient method to evaluate control effort upper bounds using a min-max framework.

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