Search of Countinuous Nearest Target Objects along Route on Large Hierarchical Road Network

J. Feng, N. Mukai, and T. Watanabe (Japan)


countinuous nearest neighbor search, hierarchical road network, path search region


This paper centers on a search method of continuous near est targets for a specific route on a large road network. There are two issues in such a search: 1)the proposition that a road network is large implies that the whole network cannot be stored in the main memory at once and an appro priate partition of this network is essential; and 2)the dis tance between source and target on a road network should be computed based on the cost of the trip from the source to the target, and should be a shortest path on road network. To resolve such issues, a hierarchical partition method of road network is proposed and a fast shortest path search which bases on this partitioned network is discussed in this paper.

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