Landfill Low Emission Micro Turbine Generator

E.K. Stefanakos, B. Krakow, G. Moore, E. Todd, A. Pasley, J. Cascio, and A. Denham (USA)


Micro-turbines, distributed generation, renewable energy,landfill gas, energy and the environment.


The performance of a low emission microturbine generator producing power from landfill gas was investigated. As our society continues to grow and create waste, we demand more land for dumping and storing our refuse. To ensure the safety of this process, the methane gas emitted from the garbage is pumped out and burned off using a landfill flare stack. Though this method removes the danger of the compressed combustible gas, it also releases toxic fumes into the atmosphere and wastes energy. The implementation of the microturbine generator allows for the reduction of greenhouse gases and generates grid connected power that the flare does not.

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