Economic and Technical Viability of Cogeneration for Dublin City University

T. Elkarim and B. Corcoran (Ireland)


Bills analysis; sizing a CHP; economic analysis.


Combined heat and power (CHP) is a master term for onsite power generation technologies that simultaneously produce electrical or mechanical energy and useful energy. Cogeneration is now achieving a great level of acceptance due to increased reliability and overall cost efficiency. CHP technologies have the potential to reduce the energy consumption thus decreasing energy bills, as well as pollution. It is the performance of CHP plants, which determine the amount of energy saved, using these technologies. This paper outlines a specific method for assessing the feasibility of installing a reciprocating engine based on a combined heat and power system in the Dublin City University. It describes the basic models that are typically used by CHP industry for feasibility studies. The basis of this method relies on a specific calculation, which encompasses a twelve months result on electricity load profile, gas and electricity bills and operating times for the existing boiler plant.

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